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jueves, 8 de abril de 2010


a blending between kuna culture and architectural patrimony.
Contemporary and Old Panama is mainly a mixture of different influences and culture.
Our only true roots come from our precolombian culture.
by taking elements like the mola
and using 2 main elements in this art
1. there use of color
2. geometrical composition

architectural patrimony
in my opinion the best architecture that we have aint the new skycrapers that are a wannabe miami style...
is our casco viejo. its represent a blending of colonial architecture with french and caribbean influence. a truly tropical buildings so beatiful and rich of different elements.

precolombian elements
jewelry, pottery, statues found around panama
our african influence with our diablitos sucios...

I took all of these elements, and take away the cliche of those boring composition that most people do when they want to represent a country.
No more boring painting of casco, a cathedral or a mola.
Im so tired of seing that. A new Fresh way to take those elements and do something pleasing to the eye but at the same different

Heres a Small View.....
ps.... this was an entry for a art contest in panama called CONCURSO VIVE EL ARTE.
i did 65 sketches and worked the whole concept and ideas for 8 months
I ended being No. 9.... and first it was gonna be 10 winners now due to panamenian goverment there are only able to build 8 floors.............
hows that for a little bit of irony .....
these are some of the sketches (the ones I loved the most)

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